Fine Bone China Mug coffee mug tea cup Germany Quality
Price RM38.00
Product SKU STL-MG-E6P
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 13 cm x 14 cm

Tea Logic Fine Bone China Mug
Germany Quality

Material: Fine Bone China
Size: 9.3*11.5*10.5
Weight: 0.5kg
Capacity: 500ml

-1pcs Cup
-High quality food grade material
-nice packing

Why Choose Bone China ?
Bone porcelain is the only high-end porcelain species recognized in the world at present. It is a symbol of rights and status and is known as the king of porcelain! The manufacturing process of bone porcelain is complicated and is made of high temperature prime roasting and low temperature firing. Porcelain is delicate. It has a soft whiteness and strong light transmission. It has a different texture and brightness from ordinary porcelain and a noble temperament. The shape of the vessel is regular. the picture is bright and the glaze feels better. Good insulation is better than traditional porcelain and more when drinking coffee or making tea. Environmentally friendly porcelain is mostly low - lead or lead - free products. Because it is the basic guarantee of European and American society, it is consistent with Europe and the United States in product quality. Better strength, thinner body and lighter proportion. Because of the different composition of bone porcelain and ordinary porcelain, it can be thinner and tougher and wearable, but because high-temperature molding is difficult, molding is a high waste rate and objectively forms high price.

骨瓷是目前唯一世界上公认的高档瓷种,是权利和地位的象征,号称瓷器之王!骨质瓷制造工艺复杂,经过高温素烧和低温烧制而成的.瓷质细腻:白度柔和、透光性强,呈现出与普通瓷器不一样的质感和亮度,浑身散发着贵族的高 贵气质. 器皿形状规整:画面光亮釉面质感更好.保温性好:与传统瓷器相比,骨瓷的保温性更好,喝咖啡或泡茶时有更多感受.环保瓷:骨瓷多是低铅或无铅产品.由于是欧美社会的基本保障,在产品质量方面都与欧美看齐.强度更好、胎体更薄、比重更轻:由于骨瓷与普通瓷器的成分不同,能够做到更薄更坚韧耐磨, 但是由于高温成型比较困难,所以成型是废品率较高,客观上形成价格高等因素.